This is a method of imaging the retina and sometimes the anterior eye. Much like ultrasound but using light rather than sound it enables us to see a 3 dimensional image of parts of the eye and to look beneath the surface.

We can see early stages or warning signs for retinal problems such as age-related macular degeneration and more accurately assess the health of the optic nerve to help in recognising.

As the images are stored for future reference we can monitor how eye condition progress or improve over time. It can be a valuable tool in differentiating between different eye conditions with similar symptoms or surface appearance so aiding appropriate referral and avoiding unnecessary referral. Anterior images can help with assessment of acute glaucoma or corneal conditions.

Our optometrists are passionate about the advantages of OCT screening. For this reason we include it as standard on the majority of our private adult eye examinations. We also offer it as an upgrade for NHS funded eye examinations.